What happens to your Donations?

Aunt Leah’s helps to prevent children from foster care from becoming homeless and mothers in need from losing custody of their children.

1: Aunt Leah’s Participants Needs
Donations go first to meet the individual needs of foster kids and young moms that participate in our programs
2: Aunt Leah’s Programming Needs
Much of the furniture and accessories donated are used for our 18 houses for program participants
3: Aunt Leah’s Thrift Store
Other items are sold in our thrift store. Store proceeds support our programs in food security, mental health, education, employment & housing.

We sometimes send extra donations to other Partnering Organizations – homeless shelters and other social enterprises.

Any broken or unusable items end up being recycled or dumped at a cost to the organization and affects the proceeds to the foster kids and young moms. Please donate accordingly.